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About Me

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About Me

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A bit about me

I am an experienced English as an additional language (EAL) and ESOL teacher, science teacher, a teacher educator and advisor, an applied linguist, a researcher, a technophile and a photographer.  Following a Master's in English Language Teaching with Distinction from the University of Southampton (Centre for Linguistics, Language Education and Acquisition Research), I am pursuing a PhD, whilst continuing to work in education.  I am available for consultancy, training and speaking about various issues surrounding EAL learners. 

I currently have three roles:

  • EAL Project Officer

NALDIC, the national subject association for EAL

  • Teacher and Master i/c Fencing

an HMC independent day and boarding school

  • PhD student

Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge.

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Banner photo © Nandhaka Pieris - taken in Australia.
NALDIC and Cambridge profile photo © Lee Allan.
Twitter profile photo © Lee Allan - Taken at NALDIC 24th Annual Conference 2016, Sheffield Hallam University.